Anointed Touch Massage & Bodywork, LLC


In 2015, I fell off my horse sustaining three blow out fractures in my lumbar spine which were treated with a five level lumbar fusion surgery.  My surgery went well.  I was grateful for my doctor’s skills and grateful that after undergoing aqua therapy and physical therapy I could walk normally and return to work, albeit with a good amount of daily pain.  Given the seriousness of the injury and all the “could have beens” I felt the ongoing pain was just something I would live with, perhaps even something I deserved.  But then I happened on Lindsey.  I told her my situation and she said she was willing to try to help me.  We started with weekly sessions which became bi-weekly sessions and now they are monthly sessions.  I cannot express in words the difference Lindsey has made in my life.  Not so much in what I can and cannot do, but in the level of pain I have throughout the day and night.  Where it was a 6 it is now a 2.  This is a huge difference.  I would encourage anyone who lives with chronic pain, tension or muscle fatigue to go to her.  I am living proof that she changes lives.     

~Sarah E.


I love staying active with gym workouts, cardio exercises, and outdoor activities.  As I've gotten older, I found that muscle tightness and tension hangs around a lot longer than it used to, even though I incorporate stretching into my daily routine.  I was really feeling uncomfortable and tight from head to toe and it was causing my activity level to decrease.  A friend recommended Lindsey to me because Lindsey was helping her.  I began getting deep tissue massages from Lindsey a couple of years ago, and I continue to get them. It has helped me be able to keep doing the activities I enjoy and get relief from the muscle stress that builds up. It helps with life stress too. I like that Lindsey really cares about making a difference in the way I feel. To her, it's about more than just giving a massage to her client.  

~Gail P.


Hands down, THE BEST massage I have ever received. I came out feeling like a whole new person! Lindsey is professional, made me feel super comfortable, and she did an excellent job paying attention to my problem areas. I can't wait for my next session!

~Lauren B.


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